Saturday, August 17, 2013

Welcome....Excuse me while I get my (financial) life

Hello all! Welcome to Bougie on a Budget! Here I'll chronicle my journey of getting my LIFE financially! Now mind you this is only my personal budget - not my household budget- that's straight. But my personal budgets? Chile hush! Somehow over the last few years, I've thrown caution to the wind and my spending has gotten out of control!  Time for momma to reel it back in. So to get started, I looked at my personal expenses and  reconstructed my budget and personal savings using a good old fashioned Excel spreadsheet. I went old school - The "envelope method".  For anyone not familiar with this, you take plain envelopes or you can get jiggy with it and get fancy envelopes if you like. Lable the envelopes with the names of your spending categories and put in the allotted amount of cash and once its gone its gone! I will be filling my envelopes bi-weekly according to my pay cycle. I have the following envelopes: Shopping, Entertainment, God/Tithes, Lunch Money, and Hustle Fund.  Whats a Hustle Fund? Glad you asked! The Hustle Funds is any extra money earned from any of my various side hustles...hence The Hustle Fund. What are my side hustles? Another great questions! I sell MaryKay (, small business consultation (website is under construction but holla at me for details) and I make homemade preserves!  Whew, you would think I had to much going on to blow the budget huh? Nope- HA!  I'm also pondering a 2nd "job" but I don't think I'm built for that.
I'll also be posting any interesting/helpful information that I find.  And just to be forewarned, I'll be posting more than my budgeting experiences because I'm cool like that.
So again welcome and if anyone wants to join me to make it interesting hit me up in the comments and let's do this!

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