Wednesday, November 5, 2014

New Product Alert - Crystal Deodorant

Hey Bougie babes,
Hope all is well in budgeting land.  I know budgeting is a daily activity as it should be because its a LIFESTYLE definitely not a write out a budget on January 1 and ride it out all year. No m'am/sir. Your budget should be updated and adjusted monthly if not weekly, according to your pay and bill cycle is ideal.  More on this to come.

Anywho, a new product for you guys.  For the last two weeks I've been using a crystal deodorant.
The brand I've been using is Naturally Fresh Deodorant Crystal which I purchased from Whole Foods.  Now before you start trippin wonder how is Bougie on a Budget hanging out at Whole Foods- Whole Foods can actually be affordable depending on what you're looking for- I promise to do a blog complete with video the next time I do go you guys can take the Whole Food Challenge with me.  The crystal stone was under $5 AND it reportedly can last up to a year. SAY WHAT???? Yes so while it may seem like it would cost a lot because its all fancy smancy, its actually very affordable when you figure the a stick of Degree last what, 4-6 weeks at $2.99 and up?

So I know the question on everyone's mind - "Is Bougie walking around funky?".   To answer that, I'll use the lyrical prose of OutKast..., "Ain't Nobody Fresh as Me, I'm Just So Fresh and Clean, so fresh and so clean, clean"!! The first few days I was skeptical, trying not to move around to much so I wouldn't sweat, chile don't nobody got time for that! Even with my regular daily activities and an occasional workout, I've been good.  I'm not just saying this, my husband has no problem letting me know if anything is ever off!

Would I recommend it? YES .  There have been studies (if you put any stock in those) indicating that some of the ingredients in regular deodorant are not good for you and there is even some belief that can be cancer causing (gasp). My personal reason for trying it is that I'm trying do a better job of living and eating (A whole notha post) cleaner. Eventually I'll live by the mantra, "If I can't spell it or pronounce it, don't buy or use it" for now baby steps.

Here is what the crystal deodorant looks like.

Let me know in the comments if any of you have tried the crystal deodorant!
Stay Fresh loves

Monday, November 3, 2014

People and their ASSumptions

Since I've been off work, one of  comments that I hear is, "oh, you're at home all day, must be nice" , or people ASSuming that since I'm not working for someone else that my new job is to make life easier for them. My response..."bish please".  Oh yeah, since not working for the man, the filter has gone by the wayside so there will be cussin and such- you've been warned.
Or they (who the hell are they and why are they so fuckin messy?) figure since my kids are over 18- notice I didn't say adults cause baaabaabyyy being 18 an adult does not make you- that they no longer need mothering.
Growing up my mom was a housewife so its not a new concept for me, after all there were 7 of us so it made perfect sense. I get that for those who did not have the benefit of a stay at home mom, its difficult to see the need and to "get it", but on the flip side there are those of us who don't get how a mom or dad can work 80hrs a week with kids at home. Two sides of the same coin.

On behalf of stay at home moms and housewives across the world, I'd like to direct you to the bleachers where you'll have your choice of several seat- have one.

Just because my job responsibilities and work conditions (and I get to bang my boss) are better than yours is no need to get all snarky, sometimes its ok to keep your comments to yourself boo.