Friday, October 31, 2014

The lost art of penmanship

Hey Bougie Babes,

When was the last time your wrote a letter? Not an email, I mean when was the last time you took pen to pad and cursive? Chile look! I had an appointment and was handed a PACKET of PAPER, I just about keeled over! I mean who's gonna fill this out for me? Why am I being punished? Arrrggg...So I took the little funky clipboard and resigned myself to a chair in the waiting room and began to write.  If I wasn't so bothered, it might have been comical, because my penmanship has um, oh shall we say reached a new low. Man, I used to have beautiful penmanship, then they (there "they" go again) put a keyboard in front of me and I never looked back.  Maybe I should have.
Is penmanship even being taught in elementary school anymore? With all the texting abbreviations being used in everyday conversation vocabulary for damn sure is not.
Do you guys think having good penmanship is important in this day and age or are we to technically advanced to worry about having good cursive?

Love and kisses


Thursday, October 30, 2014


Hi name is Bougie and I'm a tech junky.
Hi Bougie, welcome to Techies Anonymous

Ok, I kid, I kid - or do I? Sometimes I feel like a real life tech junky and not in a good way. You know that feeling of panic that sets in when your smartphone reaches 30% battery life? Or you forget to charge your Ipad or tablet? Or <gasp> you leave the house and forget your device charger or chargers depending on how you roll?  Y'all listen,my nerves get so bad if I'm out not near an outlet and the phone hits 20% battery life. And don't let my IPad not be charged, no it doesn't matter if I need to use it, for the sake of my sanity I need it to read 100% battery at all times.  Hold on let me check it now since I brought it up...Ok, all is right in BougieTech world. Whew.

The sad thing is, most people, regardless of age, race or gender feel this sense of disconnect when not connected. When did this happen? Why did this happen? I have questions! Y'll not sure either? Lemme Google it right quick. See what I did there?

I really feel as though technology is a double edged sword.  On one end, its awesome and the sauce! The internet? Come on!! Ipads!? Thank you God.  Phones that make you smarter that a 5th grader?! Yes!! Then there's the other side.  Its so easy to become desocialized (yes, I see the squiggly line but I like it). I mean come on, we can sit in the comfort of our own homes, take pictures of our selves from the chest up post them on various social media outlets, chat it up with complete strangers, who become friends without ever being in the same room together.  Is this really life? What happened to sitting across from a person having a verbal conversation, checking body language to make sure the person gazing into your eyes isn't a frickin ax murderer?

My point here and trust this is advice I need to heed as well, its ok to unplug and have a conversation that doesn't start with Facebook asking, "What's on Your Mind".

I challenge you and by you I mean us, to designate an hour after work to turn your phone off, power down the computer, turn off the tablets and spend some real time with someone you love, even if the someone is YOU!

Love and Kisses

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Where Oh Where has Bougie been!?

Ok soooo ive been gone for a minute. See what had happened decided to play bald headed games and threw me into a temporary tailspin, some of which I'll share in the coming weeks post, some I won't:-)
Some of the goodies coming up include ; natural hair on a budget, juicing on a budget, staying sane on a budget oh and a new cooking blog. So yeah,  you all have had your break, playtime is over....shesssss baaackkk!
Love n Kisses