Wednesday, August 28, 2013


Hey y'all. 
I guess I'll just get right to it.  I pulled my credit report and yeah I have some work to do.  Its not horrible, I mean I've seen worse.  The few things that are on their are from lack of giving a damn, or forgetting.  Life really took its toll on me and I got caught up, caught up I tell you!  So Bougie on a Budget may become Bougie on a Budget: The Credit CleanUp! 
I do have a plan though.  There are some items that I need to dispute and others that I can't really worry about, like Student Loans.  If those ads I've been seeing about Obama forgiving Student Loan debt somehow by the grace of God come to light, looky here, I am all in.  I'm also going to step up my hustle game so I can have some funds dedicated strictly to debt reduction.  
Now I could readjust my budget and put a more towards debt and it may very well come to that- but its not here now.  I'm going to pick one and tackle it and move on to the next one.  "Experts", suggest focusing on paying down the smallest bill by paying the most you can afford monthly or what every frequency is agreed on.  Pay and move on to the next.  The key is to take the $25 you were paying towards Debt A and add that to the payment for Debt B.   That takes some discipline but its completely do-able.
My biggest caution is to not get so caught up in paying bills that I'm not enjoying living.  No m'am.  There will be none of that! Chances are I'll have some kind of debt when I depart this earth and my life insurance will take care of those so for right now, I'm going to work my budget, clean up these stray items on my credit report and live my life - at the same damn time!

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