Tuesday, August 20, 2013

A Bougie Budget Breakfast

Morning loves!  Hope everyone is budget behaving:-).  While my actual budget bonanza doesn't officially kick off until Thursday, I'm trying to wrap my mind around identifying and closing cash leaks. One in particular stopping for coffee, usually at Starbucks, which leads to grabbing a pastry and a Cranberry Refresher since I'm there. $8 here one minute gone the next! Sadly, if I'm stopping for coffee that means I walked past the Keurig and the KCups sitting on my kitchen counter and bypassed the fridge to prepare a lunch so guess who's eating out at lunch too?  Noticing a evil pattern? Yeah, me too. 
So today's breakfast is coffee provide the job, an apple from the fridge and a protein bar.  We are having a team lunch sponsored by the company so guess who's WINNING today!
Until later!