Sunday, August 18, 2013

GOAL! And I ain't talkin bout soccer!

While I was busy getting my envelopes ready and figuring out my allotments, I decided I needed a goal or six so that I would feel like I was working towards something specific.  Now, I could go with a savings goal, say $500 by Christmas or, I could save for that new 15 inch MacBook Pro (its only $2199)  that waves at me every time I walk past the Apple Store.  The problem with "things" is that's what got me to this point in the first place! I'm gonna give this more thought as I want a realistic S.M.A.R.T goal - who remembers what that acronym stands for?
            S  - Specific
            M - Manageable/Measureable
            A - Attainable
            R - Realistic
            T - Tangible
Yep that was random, but it worked.
I also want to do some investing, so I guess a financial goal it is.  Let me get another envelope :-)

Love n Blessings, 


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