Monday, August 19, 2013

Coupons...crazy or worth it

I'm debating on whether or not to add couponing to my list of money saving efforts.  Why the debate? Well for household items its all good, I mean a $1 of a Gain is alright in my book.  The issue comes into play with FOOD.  I don't eat a lot of boxed or processed foods and those are the items that seem to have the best coupons.  I have yet to see a $.50 off coupon for a bunch of Kale or better yet $1 off of chicken breast!  I've tried the whole coupon thing before and all I got out of it was a bunch of newspaper laying around! Alas, I think I'll give it one more shot. I'm going to check out Krazy Coupon Lady and see what tips I can get - its not like I'll be doing any shopping so hell, I have the time.


  1. You should use the coupons at Pick and Save on Wednesdays to double up to a $1 which gives you more savings. :)

  2. Where do you get you coupons? Sunday Paper or Online?