Thursday, September 19, 2013

What's up Bougie Family!

My apologies people!  I've been unintentionally M.I.A.   Well that's not totally accurate,  I've definitely been in action. I've celebrated a birthday, took a staycation which I'm still on,  did lots of reflecting on my past and planning for my future. Lots of D.O.P.E stuff in the works so I'll be posting regularly to keep yall up to date.
Oh I also got a new camara so I can take my blogging on the road in 1040HD! I'm excited about that. I've wanted/needed a new camara for a minute now after giving babygirl bougie my last one so yeah, its about to go down.
Stay tuned for DYI Day.  I have some crafts and diy projects coming as well as some budget updates coming.

Hope all is well.
Love, Peace and Bougieness!

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