Wednesday, September 25, 2013


This is the notebook that I carry with me all the time everyday-I actually bought two of them because of the serenity prayer on the cover. I use it to jot down notes, ideas, random thoughts, things I want to talk to God about, etc. 
My decision to tighten up my financial house was based largely on my need for PEACE in my life.   I believe the planting of the seed was Gods way of giving me the COURAGE to change what I can, namely my budget, the financial seeds I sow, and my stewardship over my financial blessings.  Conversely, by forcing myself to be more accountable for my finances is helping me ACCEPT that the way my bank account is set up, there is not an endless supply of residual income-yet.  I also believe by showing that I am and can be a responsible steward over my finances, that my cup will soon runneth over!
Finances are only one piece of the puzzle as there are other things that will require change and fine tuning for me it's an appropriate place to start.  With money not being a worry I can focus my energies on the important things!

Bougie Blessings!

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