Friday, October 31, 2014

The lost art of penmanship

Hey Bougie Babes,

When was the last time your wrote a letter? Not an email, I mean when was the last time you took pen to pad and cursive? Chile look! I had an appointment and was handed a PACKET of PAPER, I just about keeled over! I mean who's gonna fill this out for me? Why am I being punished? Arrrggg...So I took the little funky clipboard and resigned myself to a chair in the waiting room and began to write.  If I wasn't so bothered, it might have been comical, because my penmanship has um, oh shall we say reached a new low. Man, I used to have beautiful penmanship, then they (there "they" go again) put a keyboard in front of me and I never looked back.  Maybe I should have.
Is penmanship even being taught in elementary school anymore? With all the texting abbreviations being used in everyday conversation vocabulary for damn sure is not.
Do you guys think having good penmanship is important in this day and age or are we to technically advanced to worry about having good cursive?

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